[col. writ. 2/11/18] © 2018 by Mumia Abu-Jamal

When Donald Trump lamented at the loss of one of his White House employees’ career, a bomb of female protests went off, for he (not surprisingly) ignored the suffering of his employee’s ex-wives.

The only real surprise here was, why the surprise?

After the Roy Moore debacle, of a US Senate candidate’s Lolita complex (as in a hankering for young girls), who can plead ‘surprise’?

Only someone who hasn’t really been paying attention.

Trump’s central program is to somehow return America to the (mythical) 1950s, when Negroes were quiet, women were submissive and Hispanics knew their place (y’know,  Mexico – or Puerto Rico). This fevered dream, a back-to-the-future reality show, is the focus of Trump World.

To do this, you have to ignore history, to build a new history, in imitation of the supposed old days.

Yes, it’s crazy; but it ain’t the only time the US went crazy. Consider the war mania that resulted from 9/11! War — on anybody — to quell the beating heart, drunk with fear. Iraq (check); Afghanistan (double-check). War — to salve the worried American soul.

In Trump World, Blacks don’t count. Hispanics don’t count. Women don’t count, either. Yes — not even white women.

It’s time for the good ole boys.

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