A CALL FOR EVERYONE TO UNITE AND CAMPAIGN FOR JILL STEIN, (with the agreement to assess if she has a majority in late October)

Call to all by David Troy and Terrie Brady

Sound bite:

Thinker: We can have everything we want.

Health care


No Fed Reserve

Answer: I MUST not vote for her

Thinker: We can have a president who will

stop the War

Save the environment

Fight global warming

stop the dakota pipeline

stop tpp

forgive student debt

Thinker: Lets try till Oct 31st and SEE BY POLL IF WE SHOULD VOTE FOR HER.

Jill Stein supports everything we loved Bernie for.  She is even stronger on foreign policy.  She supports ending the war.

Jill is on the Ballot in 47 of the 50 states.  She could potentially earn 450 or so electoral college votes.  She is more along the lines of Bernie than either Trump or Hillary.  She supports single payer, the native peoples protecting the acquifer near the dakota pipeline.  She opposes TPP.  Social media gives us a chance without the mainstream media to let people know about her.  What if many people disgusted with Trump voted for her instead?  That would deflate the spoiler argument of the democrats.

I’m not calling for a write-in for Bernie in California.  A write-in for Bernie wouldn’t count since he would have had to run as a write in in the primary, under  current California State law.  (I’m calling on Californians and all the major activists’ groups to inform the rest of the country to the logical choice to have what we want, while remaining ready to switch everyone at the last reasonable moment if Jill doesn’t poll well enough.)  We have a great opportunity to see how well she is doing in that we have facebook and twitter.  These two tools indicate her popularity and how her stands resonate with people.  She is getting 1000’s of retweets as Bernie did in the early months of his campaign. He had millions at times at the end.

The great hope under Bernie was that we knew we weren’t alone in our idealism.  The key indicators of that unity was the large rallies and the 10’s of 1000’s of retweets and facebook likes  for Bernie’s statement of our issues:  Stop the TPP, fight for 15,  no to the Dakota pipeline and keystone , forgive student debt, stop fracking, etc. Sometimes the retweets and likes were even in the millions, I believe.

If we can get that momentum going for retweeting  Jill, we might have a chance.  She is on the Ballot or a valid write in in 47 of the 50 states last count.

On Twitter:   A few of the Twitter accounts for Jill and or Berners: official accounts for Jill and her Vice Presidential candidate are @drjillstein and @ajamubaraka some of the others are: @melsanderist @greenpartyblm   @jillnothill1 @bernies50states   @jill50161589 @sanderswasnominated @amyzworldamy (and still follow @berniesanders and @sensanders for updates from Bernie too. )

and check the hashtags  #steinbaraka and #jillstein for news.   Other hashtags for updates are #greenin2016 #gogreen and #itsinourhands #studentloangoals follow these accounts and others you find and retweet regularly to increase the visibility (and hope) of this campaign.

On Facebook:  Facebook groups  for jill: @united4jillstein @drjillstein  and search  #neverhillary and #BernersforJill on facebook for like minded people.  Note:  Many Bernie groups do not want posting of Jill info on their groups but some might be ok with it.  Sharing Bernie quotes about 3rd parties is often accepted.  Discussing the issues ( that Jill and Bernie share position) is accepted.

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