By Prof. Cisco Drake

For the people of Latin America, since December 2, 1823, when then U.S. President James Monroe established a Doctrine that would always identify its rule over the vast region then classified as Latin America, it is impossible to understand why the economic and political conditions in the Countries of Latin America have compelled so many to migrate to other lands, usually to the U.S., since this Doctrine was enacted!

The Monroe Doctrine imposed a political control system forever to carry its name! This Doctrine declares the U.S. as the supreme empire, ruler of these lands, with the rights to exploit them as its colonies! Example of this might was exhibited with the intervention envoy of the U.S. naval Battleship “Lexington” to bomb the entire town of “Maritimo de Asuncion” in Argentina, to set an example to the full region, of the Yankee imposition!

So, what was awaiting the countries of Latin America after this scenario?

The Treaty known as the Bucareli Treaty! The building of the Ministry of the Exterior of the Mexican Government is located on the street of the same name, Bucareli, of this city in the D.F. [Federal District, Mexico’s capital city] and where the document was signed for such a Treaty between the U.S. and Mexico. This Treaty was signed in 1923 by then Mexican President Alvaro Obregon. This Treaty clearly compromises the Mexican Government, by lending it a sum of money, for which Mexico agrees not to interfere with Mexico’s technological, industrial and commercial development; it stipulates that Mexico may do so, only when consulting with the U.S.!

This Bucareli Treaty further clarifies that U.S. bankers or Wall Street investment firms have the final word in any such decisions! This explains why Mexico’s commerce has been under foreign control for so long!

It explains why Mexico and all Latin America experience such depressed economic opportunity for its citizens! Replicating across all the Latin American Countries! See a Latin America Map:

Day by day, the situation worsens for the unemployed graduates of Universities not only of Latin America, but also in the United States. There’s a clandestine development of concerted effort by the Catholic Clergy, funding very exclusive schools in Latin America, with high educational opportunity for only the sons of the very rich and powerful! Therefore, only the sons of the rich are privileged with the opportunity to be able to function as professionals, while closing the doors to the graduates of the public Universities!

Similarly, in the U.S. is the same playbook, public University graduates are overtly denied securing employment under the excuse that the poor schools are not accredited, or inadequate!

Consequently, these graduates cannot partake on an equal footing in the real world in their professions! Further oppressing the economic picture, while benefiting the few!

*Translation by Bella De Soto, from the  Mexican newspaper Luz En La Noticia

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