Change Links Needs Editorial, Layout & Website Volunteers

If Change Links is to continue much longer into its third year since the death of long-time editor John Johnson, it needs a rapid infusion of volunteers who can take responsibility for editorial work, soliciting and correcting articles and graphics; layout, designing the text and calendar sections of the print publication, and website design and maintenance.

A large crew of people initially showed up to the meeting called to revive Change Links after John’s death, but it shrank quickly once it came to actually carrying out the tasks involved (other than distribution). The crew has continued to dwindle and been affected by further deaths and illnesses. Israel Feuer and Chaparral, two long-time C-L volunteers, both passed away. Others are dealing with illness and family issues. This reflects the fact that the youngest people working steadily on C-L are in their 60s. Uncle Don Fanning had to take a step back from collating calendar and resource items. The woman who has handled the website for many years has had to step back to deal with other projects and responsibilities. Michael Novick, who has done most of the layout and editorial work since the revival, took up the website postings too, but he has said he is giving his “two months’ notice” of a need to cut back himself. (Novick also edits and publishes the quarterly Turning The Tide, and is on the Local Station Board of KPFK and the Pacifica National Board, as well as being actively engaged in anti-racist work, the Hewlett-Packard boycott, and struggles against mass incarceration, police abuse, and war.)

If you can help collate items for the monthly calendar, do print layout or handle a wordpress website, or do copy editing and proof-reading — Change Links needs you! Please email to volunteer and learn more.

Barring such an infusion of volunteer assistance, Change Links is likely to cease, or at least suspend, publication by October 2016. We hope you will step up if you value the paper!

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