US Census = Paper Genocide

by Erik Peterson

Almost all of the full blood and mixed blood indigenous peoples of the Americas were erased on the US census from 1790 to 1840; first reclassified as: free white, all other free people, and slaves; and second as “white, black or mulatto.”  In 1860 the census only had three classifications: white, black or mulatto; Native people were erased. (Later the native people were classified as Hispanic-Latino).

     This census paper genocide erased the indigenous people by the millions. How have the indigenous people survived? They survived by family oral history.  More than 99% of all the indigenous full blood and indigenous mixed blood people of the Americas are undocumented because they were erased on the census.  For more information go to the YouTube channel “stolenlandtoday-Elizabeth Warren is Native American”.


Ed. note:  The US has also imposed absurd, non-indigenous categories of so-called “blood quanta” in designating people as indigenous and what tribe they are enrolled in. Given the importance of the census however to allocation of resources and reapportionment of voting districts, it is important that everyone be counted in this year’s census.

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