by Santa Monica Committee for Racial Justice (CRJ)

The Santa Monica Committee for Racial Justice is inviting all those interested in supporting its mission of building racial unity and fighting white supremacy to its next regular meeting.

If you have been reading Linux Beach recently, or some of the local publications such as the Santa Monica Mirror, Santa Monica Daily Press, The Argonaut, Westside Today, or City Watch, that have covered this developing story, you already know about this local struggle against some of the same plainclothes Nazis and Klansmen that marched and murdered in Charlottesville. From their livestream chatter we have learned that they have decided to destroy the 6 year old Committee for Racial Justice because they see any fight against racism as “anti-white.” They have declared it their new “Berkeley,” but it’s not going to work out that way for them.

They sent a handful of hecklers hiding behind masks to the July meeting to disrupt it with racist and anti-Semitic taunts. They came back with maybe 25 white supremacists, and a handful of new recruits, to try to disrupt the August meeting, but we managed to keep them out of the meeting. They have vowed to come back and bring “hundreds” to the September meeting with the intention of “shutting it down.”

A racist president has emboldened them, that is why they brought their poison to Santa Monica in the first place. They hadn’t done it before in 6 years of CRJ meetings.

That is where you come in. We need you to help us deliver a resounding No! to these forces of hatred and bigotry. We need the progressive community of Greater Los Angeles to turn out in force and en masse to tell these neo-Nazis and plainclothes Klansmen “NOT IN MY TOWN! NOT ON MY WATCH!”

There was a closed meeting of about 50 CRJ activists this past Sunday for non-violent resistance training conducted by Abby Arnold and Vivian Rothstein from CLUE-LA. It was based on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s six principles of nonviolence, with practice in the specific skills needed for the challenge we’re facing now. It was decided at this meeting that the September meeting would be at the usual place and open to the public. You are invited to join us, as are Santa Monica City officials and all local politicians who reject this new wave of fascist violence, and we know the police will be there. httpss://


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