By Bruce K. Gagnon,

Three areas under conflict draw most of my attention these days. Palestine (Gaza and the West Bank), the US-NATO proxy war on Russia using Ukraine as the hammer, and the destabilization of China with Washington’s allies in the Asia-Pacific playing the role of Mr. Big’s henchmen.

At this current time the US military industrial complex is working overtime with Congress and the Pentagon to ramp up US-NATO weapons production for all three theaters of battle. The White House is onboard as Joe Biden just needs to be told where to scratch his name on authorizations for new war spending legislation.

The US and its white colonial settler allies are cutting back on free speech, social spending and any care for the environment. They are losing their current global fight to hang on to power. The multi-polar world, rejuvenated by the Global South, is challenging Mr. Big everywhere. BRICS has become BRICS+ as legions of nations line up to join the alternative to IMF and World Bank exploitation.

Israel is a key link in this global struggle. Its role has always been the Middle East base of terror that enforces the regional dictates coming from Washington, London, and Brussels – like a three-ringed circus from hell. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and others across the region have felt the US-NATO boot of control worn by the western agents in Tel Aviv.

Destabilization, assassinations, bombings, mafia-related activities are all intertwined between Israel and US-NATO. Please read ‘Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis’. A stunning little-known story. [see:]

Israel has additionally been training police departments across the US (and who knows where else) in the tactics that ‘proved successful’ in controlling Palestinians.

South Korea trip

A woman approached me in Seoul at the end of my 10-day space issues speaking tour in South Korea in early-March. She said, ‘South Korea’s economy is not good for the people, we are becoming a permanent war economy’. I responded that it is the same in the United States these days as well.

South Korea is being flooded with so-called ‘missile defense’ (MD) systems. Some systems are on-board Navy Aegis destroyers which are consistently ported on Jeju Island. There are also the THAAD and PAC-3 MD systems deployed at several bases throughout the country. And the US is deploying these same ‘shields’ in Guam, Japan/Okinawa, Taiwan, Philippines, and other locations throughout the Pacific.

While in South Korea I was taken to a small strawberry farming village called Imhwa of about 300 residents that is being uprooted by a new factory to build internationally banned cluster bombs for Washington. The cluster munitions will be handed over to Ukraine and Israel for their wars. The residents were angry and  afraid as the previous cluster bomb factory (in a small village like Imhwa) blew up and severely burned the area. TNT (now being stored inside one building in Imhwa) was the cause of the previous fire. The right-wing government in Seoul won’t listen to the residents as it is firmly in the pocket of Washington.

U.S. bases in the ROK are rapidly expanding and took part in more than 200 days last year of US-South Korea war games right along the border with North Korea.

These same kinds of stories are happening at military bases around the world in US client nations. From Europe to the Asia-Pacific there are new missile deployments, new barracks for Pentagon troops, more navy ports of call like on Jeju Island, and more new airfields for Pentagon warplanes being aimed at Russia and China.

Soon after returning home I received an email that in Maine our Governor Janet Mills, U.S. Senators Susan Collins and Angus King, and U.S. Representative Chellie Pingree participated in the unveiling of the Maine Defense Industry Alliance (MDIA) at the York County Community College. The MDIA is a newly established non-profit coalition of Maine defense companies, state agencies, community colleges and  universities, and other vocational training organizations. The partnership was created to ‘attract and train thousands of new employees for critical jobs in Maine’s defense industrial base’.

This is a perfect example of what a permanent war economy looks like. The only real jobs investment by Washington these days is going toward weapons for endless war. (As the infrastructure of the nation rapidly decays.) In the case of Maine, the so-called leaders want expanded Pentagon funding for more Aegis destroyers at Bath Iron Works shipyard. They also want hypersonic missile testing at a former US air base in the northern part of the state (Loring).

And they want a rocket launch center near Acadia national park that would hoist mini-satellites for the US Space Force to help fill up increasingly crowded Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) before China and Russia can put significant numbers of satellites there. It’s called Full Spectrum Dominance.

I am grateful to all those who worked so hard to put together my South Korea speaking tour. Choi Sung-Hee and her nationwide team did a fantastic job of organizing local events and getting excellent alt-media coverage of my talks. They invited me to talk about the growing links on space warfare preparation between our two nations. I also owe thanks to my excellent translator along this journey Hwang Jeong-Eun. People often ask me where I find hope during these dark and difficult times. I always respond by saying:

Everywhere I have traveled around this spinning satellite Earth I find special people who are working hard for peace, national sovereignty, real justice and environmental sanity. They don’t give up.

Age is not a ticket out of the struggle. They are what gives me hope.

~ Bruce K. Gagnon is coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. He lives in Brunswick, Maine.

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