On Father’s Day to Women with children of color!


I want to Thank You, for allowing incarcerated men to be able to make a contribution even of the smallest magnitude toward the development of our communities. You have many reasons to be at odds with this infrastructure. The Department of Justice takes from us the comfort of your arms in the interest of the public, makes us pay restitution that is obliged to come from the income of loved ones and places us near bucolic surroundings only to employ people who are not our peers to watch us.


We become dependents of the state for tax purposes and are made to perform duties required of day laborers for wages less than  40¢ an hour. Yet still, you receive no stipend.


Would not the company of a Father to explain his son’s haircut be of some aid? Couldn’t a small sum of $60.00 potentially contribute to summer activities? Our communities have been gravely deprived and for what? So the prison industry could build a monopoly on our missteps? This is a reallocation of justice!


Where is the recompense for the marginalized communities where most crimes are committed? What about the victims even? Once again, reparations are left up to us while the profits are swiped and tucked away.


Even so, Mothers thrive and with a radiance like the Sun permeate and continue to light up our lives with encouragement…


Making the best of bad situations, a man in solitary confinement authored a book from a cell block segregated from general population. (Author: Carlton Ewell’s “AINT NO PLACE SAFE” and its literary skills are evidence that productivity is still plausible and that we should be afforded the opportunity to Pay It Forward.) Although we are locked in We Are Not Shut Out… Big Ups to @Carlton Ewell #FP-3049 SCI-Somerset From: Free.A.Man.Media on Facebook!!


Written by: Isaac Pearson ML2492 SCI Somerset

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