Tengo una hija en la mente

by Melissa Cardoza (C) 2016 Melissa Cardoza


Tengo una hija en la mente

y un duelo que me llena el vientre de nada

Perdí amigas

niños hombres que no conoci

Me quitaron los golpistas la vida que no había venido

y me dieron un tropel de mujeres indignadas

con ellas canto en silencio

conspiro en las miradas

por ellos resisto

al aliento de la palabra envenenada

al abismo de la guerra

que nos llama


I have a daughter on my mind

and a pain that fills my womb with emptiness

I lost women friends

men-children that I never got to know

The coup-sters took from me the life that hadn’t come yet

and gave me a multitude of women, indignant

with those women I sing in silence

I conspire in our glances

for and by them I resist

against the breath of the poisoned word

against the abyss of war

that calls to us

Melissa Cardoza is a Honduran lesbian, feminist and activist in the ongoing resistance against the US backed coup against then Pres. Zelaya in 2009. She is the author of “13 Colores de la Resistencia Hondureña/13 Colors of the Honduran Resistance,” from El BeiSMan Press, 2016, ISBN-13 978-1539792055, edited by Vilma Hinkelammert and dedicated to the martyred environmentalist and resister Berta Caceres Flores, from which the original Spanish poem is taken (new English translation for Change Links). Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, calls the bilingual book “a must read for anyone who wants to learn about the many contours of the Honduran feminists fighting for self-determination and dignity. Cardoza is brilliant in storytelling, and ensures that feminisms are three dimensional and span multiple experiences – trans, Black, elderly, and more.”

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