From: Greg Foisie

Sun, 4 Jul 2020 5:26:02 PM +0000 (UTC)

To: Talkbacks@Moveon Org


Dear Kelly, Oscar, Rahna, Jennifer, and the rest of the MoveOn team –

  • Biden was opposed to busing during the 60s civil rights efforts to end segregation.
  • Biden has been accused of sexual harassment & sexual attack.  His hands are all over women on numerous videos displayed on the internet.
  • As Vice-President, Biden supported the Iraq War based on lies that killed over a million Iraqi’s, the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan killing thousands (we claimed to be helping women when one out of three women in the US military are sexually assaulted by the Pentagon’s own admission), the devastatingly destructive invasions of Syria and Libya, the support of dictatorial regimes in Haiti and Honduras, and countless covert operations destabilizing other nations.
  • Biden has not spoken out against the Trump administration’s continued renewed attacks on Syria, Nicaragua, Cuba & Venezuela.
  • As Vice-President, Biden oversaw the continuation of Guantanamo detentions without trials, an unprecedented assault on immigrants (DACA was a drop in the bucket) and whistle blowers, and an extreme escalation of drone attacks abroad, killing thousands of innocent civilians.
  • Biden supported the omnibus bill that established Three Strikes and Mass Incarceration.
  • Biden is straight-out opposed to Medicare for All.  Biden’s Obama Care left 30 MILLION U.S.  CITIZENS UNINSURED.
  • Biden is in the pockets of Big Pharma and the Military Industrial Complex, and corporations stuff cash into his campaign’s pockets.
  • Biden’s policy history is not reflective of human rights, nor care for all, nor everyone’s health, nor love.
  • Your big blue wave sticker campaign is misinforming.  Do not lie & pretend otherwise.
  • Biden serves the elite.  He does not serve the people, and he never has.
  • His few acts to the contrary are political posturing – nothing more.

A Biden in the White House will give us a kinder, gentler, and more nuanced Trump – nothing more.

Biden Trump 2020 shirt


Greg sent the above response to MoveOn in regards to its big blue wave sticker campaign on Independence Day, 07-04-2020:

On Thursday, July 2, 2020, 01:50:07 PM PDT, Free Sticker from MoveOn <> wrote:

Dear MoveOn member,

There are now only four months left until what could be the most important Election Day in our lifetimes, and we have just one question for you: Are you ready to power the biggest blue wave in history to elect Democrats to the White House and Congress and wash Donald Trump and the GOP out of office?

As we have seen over the past few months, people around the country are ready to demand a new path forward with Joe Biden and with progressive Democrats in the House and Senate.  MoveOn has built the biggest election program in our 22-year history to meet this moment and make sure that on November 3, we defeat Donald Trump and elect leaders like Joe Biden who will fight for our progressive values.

To kick off the final four months until Election Day, we just printed a big batch of these “Blue Wave 2020” stickers, and we’re giving them away for free while supplies last!

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