Occupy the World

We Are the 99% ------------------------------------------- By Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins  -- Being part of the 99% isn't about dominance – it's about universality. The struggling economy is impacting everyone. Well, almost everyone. Americans on the whole aren't getting ahead; they're falling further behind every year. Nearly every American is worried about paying his bills or keeping her job. The terrible economy of 2008 has become the still-horrible economy of 2011. We've worked and waited [...]

The Abandoned Class

NYPD purposely runs over an Occupier The Abandoned Class by Robert C. Koehler Will Occupy Wall Street hold together long enough to cut to the deep chase? Will it find a voice to articulate not merely the pain of the struggling middle class but the endemic unfairness and racism of inescapable poverty? “Everyone is important,” read the sign of an elderly protester. My God, what if it were true? What if we [...]

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