It’s Election Time Again, Yea

It’s Election Time Again, Yea   More ranting from John Johnson I participated in the 1964 election, having been involved in supportive actions for the civil rights movement that was taking place in the South. Some of us were already working in groups, including the Young Democrats. Our main target was the reactionary Birch Society’s candidate, Barry Goldwater. We worked for Johnson and local politicians going door to door. We worked for [...]

Why This War on the Poor?

Why This War on the Poor? By Harry R. Jackson A few years ago, I was invited by a group of Harvard scholars, well-known scientists, and clergymen to visit Alaska. Our visit was to investigate the effects of climate change in that state. Alaska is unique by virtue of the fact that its environment is so varied that one can observe everything from regime change of insects, the melting of glaciers, the [...]

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Obama and the War on the Poor

Obama and the  Continuing War on the Poor By Paul A Cleveland A mentor of mine, Clarence Carson, published a book in the 1970s entitled The War on the Poor. He took his title from Lyndon Johnson’s so-called “war on poverty.” Carson noted that actual wars are waged against real people rather than circumstances, and that if the government were engaged in a war it must be against some identifiable group of [...]

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