Class Warfare

By John Johnson During the past few months leading up to the mid-term elections, we have experienced some of the most blatant acts of class warfare in recent memory. And they won’t stop no matter the outcome. A small example is Joe Miller, the Republican Senate candidate from Alaska, whose private guards roughed up, handcuffed and detained Alaska Dispatch blogger Tony Hopfinger as he tried to ask the candidate a question at [...]

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National Security and Shirley Sherrod

National Security and Shirley Sherrod By John Johnson I was particularly irritated last month by the Shirley Sherrod story. Shirley Sherrod has worked in the civil rights movement since the Sixties, and was a member of SNCC. Her father was murdered by the KKK and her family harassed. She’s dedicated her life to helping Black farmers, first working in non-profits, later for the Department of Agriculture. A few years ago she talked [...]

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NO ONE DARE CALL IT FASCISM Protofascism Comes to America

*Protofascism Comes to America*- The Rise of the Tea Party Is the Tea Party racist? Democrats who play liberals on TV say it isn’t. Vice President Joe Biden says the Tea Party “is not a racist organization” per se, but allows that “at least elements that were involved in some of the Tea Party folks expressed racist views.” Right-wing Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has received permission to form an official Tea Party Caucus [...]

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