It’s Still Class Warfare

Pretend All You Like, It’s Still Class Warfare by DAVID MACARAY It’s an old joke, but it bears repeating: An Oxford professor meets a former student on the street. He asks what he’s been up to lately. The student tells him he’s working on a doctoral thesis about the survival of the class system in the United States. The professor expresses surprise. “I didn’t think there was a class system in the United [...]

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America’s Rich Are Getting Richer Even Faster Than You Thought

We have come, as a nation, almost full circle back to the deeply unequal America of the late 1920s. The future just keeps getting brighter for Americans with unique specialties. Randy Stearns has one such specialty: “home-tech integration.” Stearns helps people install and maintain high-tech gadgets. But we’re not talking “geek squad” and hooking up home networks here. We’re talking rich people — and electronic toys that can cost more than houses. [...]

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