Government Employees

by Ray Jones When you contact a government agency is the response, "How can I be of service?" or "Go away - don't bother me"? Is there a pleasant greeting or nasty remarks and evasive excuses? Were they prompt or delayed? Did they seem arrogant, sarcastic or demanding? Do you always get an answering machine? Did they say it's not their job, go somewhere else? Are you ignored? Did you get a [...]

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Peace is Right, Good & Sane. Peace is Law.

by Ray Jones Let us commend the peacemakers: Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors; the Quakers, Jehovah's Witnesses, Brethren, Mennonites, Buddhists that declare a doctrine of peace; the authors, artists, musicians, educators, pacifists, protesters who endeavor to maintain peace. According to prominent historians, the US war in Vietnam was started "for economic reasons," (a war for profit not defense), with an "unjustified death toll of civilians." There was no "incident" in the Gulf [...]

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The King Is Mad

by Ray Jones While in the law library preparing legal documents for a case I was litigating, I found a book of legal maxims and phrases, many in Latin vulgate, including popular phrases like “pro bono,” (for a good cause or purpose, rather than for a fee), “ad hoc,” (for this [time], temporary), “prima facie,” (at first view), and “habeas corpus,” (literally, have the body, meaning produce the person in court -- [...]

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Know Your Constitutional Rights

by Ray Jones The US Constitution can be found in the US Code, Constitution (Thomson-West Publications). The law against violation of Constitutional rights can be found in US Code, Title 42, Volume 1, Section 1983. Here are some opinions of the US Court of Appeals. The ruling is followed by the case in which was rendered, and a citation to the Federal Reporter. Rights under this amendment and Amend. 14 [are] fundamental [...]

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