Luis J. Rodriguez appointed as Poet Laureate of the City of Los Angeles

Luis J. Rodriguez, well-known for his memoir "Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A.," was appointed as Poet Laureate of the City of Los Angeles by Mayor Eric Garcetti on Oct. 9. "Luis Rodriguez is an example of how powerful an impact literature can have on young lives, and as Poet Laureate, he will impact youth across Los Angeles," Mayor Garcetti said. "I have no doubt that Luis will run with this new role and take it to new heights." As Poet Laureate, Rodriguez will [...]

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Excerpt from “Love Poem to Los Angeles”

(with a respectful nod to Jack Hirschman) ...I love L.A., I can't forget its smells, I love to make love in L.A., it's a great city, a city without a handle, the world's most mixed metropolis, of intolerance and divisions, how I love it, how I hate it, Zootsuit "riots," can't stay away, city of hungers, angers, Ruben Salazar, Rodney King, I'd like to kick its face in, a bone city, dried blood on walls, wildfires, taunting dove wails, car fumes and oil derricks, water thievery, with [...]

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