Mixed Blood

by Susan Deer Cloud I am tired of you who condemn me and others for being mixed blood as if you were a surreal breed of Aryans when you are merely Indians with BIA cards and reservations that started as nothing more than concentration camps, those camps Hitler based his on. I am sick of your colonized crap, of making excuses for you self-annointed warriors, male and female, thinking you can attack an old woman poet because you believe her too weak, sweet, or fearful to fight [...]

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Poetry Corner: Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victory

by Michael Novick Amilcar Cabral’s famous epiphany, Cabral directed with great sagacity At self-proclaimed fighters for liberty. Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victory Is an evident people’s tautology. Even defeats are only achieved expensively, Their costly lessons extracted only with tenacity. Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victory! Imagine imposing Cabral’s dictum with temerity on purveyors of punishment and authors of slavery?! Tell no lies, no manifest white destiny! Claim no easy victory, from sea to shining sea. Clinton, tell no lies! No end to welfare [...]

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