Occupy: Five Things The Movement Did Well Occupy Wall Street (Creative Commons). From its origin on Wall Street to its re-creation in Los Angeles, the Occupy movement has spanned from coast to coast, cropping up in various cities and media coverage across the nation. The movement has been criticized for not having defined demands or goals, and some question whether the movement has had a tangible effect on politics. Nevertheless, Occupy has [...]

Occupy is Alive; So is History

In the Land of Exclusions Occupy is Alive; So is History by ROB URIE Political leadership in the West has calcified atop a set of existing facts and trajectory that assure rebellion in one form or another until they are reconciled. In addition to the economic divides between wealth and poverty, employment and unemployment, opportunity and the lack of opportunity, there is a generational divide that has left youth around the world [...]

Unions, Occupy and Community Groups Working Together

. Horizontal Meets Vertical: 3 Ways Occupy, Community Groups and Unions Can Work Together to Change Society To build this movement, Occupy needs to connect with tens of millions of people who are watching the unfolding battle but are not yet involved. The following article first appeared on the Web site of The Nation. For more great content from the Nation, sign up for its e-mail newsletters here.  Occupy has cracked open the door [...]

Occupy the World

We Are the 99% ------------------------------------------- By Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins  -- Being part of the 99% isn't about dominance – it's about universality. The struggling economy is impacting everyone. Well, almost everyone. Americans on the whole aren't getting ahead; they're falling further behind every year. Nearly every American is worried about paying his bills or keeping her job. The terrible economy of 2008 has become the still-horrible economy of 2011. We've worked and waited [...]

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