Venice Community Opposes $2.3 Million Public Subsidy to Business District

Venice BID to get $2.3 million from city of Los Angeles by  Mike Chamness, Occupy Venice, (602) 339-6607 City is Set to Provide $2.3 Million over 5 Years to Fund Venice Beach Business Improvement District Residents and Stakeholders Gathered to Ask Why the Public Beachfront is Being Privatized, and Why the City is Giving Millions to a Process Intended for Businesses to Vote to Tax Themselves Residents, property owners, visitors and others [...]

May 1st Events in Los Angeles

MAY 1 GENERAL STRIKE and other events: 6:00 AM SEIU-USWW strike action at LAX 7:00  Occ Pas rally at Lake Avenue overpass to the 210, followed by a march to the Lake and Colorado bank cluster. 8:00 AM Occupy SFV/OLA "North Wind" march from 7915 Van Nuys Bl., Van Nuys/Panorama City: Hermandad Mexicana Transnacional to Van Nuys Civic Ctr. 9:00 AM Rise Up LA youth march from Florence and Normandie to Central [...]

Why Occupy Needs Days of Action

Why Occupy Needs Days of Action     by Chris Longenecker As I sit in the New York City Police Department’s central booking, which has become my second home over the course of the last 48 hours, I’m reminded again why we keep mounting days of action and protest. Since last Saturday’s attempt to re-occupy Liberty Square, my role as an organizer in the Occupy movement feels more and more like it [...]

OWS Spring Offensive

OWS Spring Offensive Need Not Repeat Fall Tactics Why 'going Left' is not necessarily 'going forward' by Danny Schechter For years, in the last century, when I was in School and learning about the early days of journalism, we were taught that author Horace Greeley who founded the New York Herald Tribune, was famous for saying, “Go West Young Man And Grow Up With The Country.” One problem, as we learned recently, [...]

Occupy LA

Occupy Movement Changes Public Debate, and People By Paul Krehbiel Over 1,000 protestors defied a 12:01 am deadline Monday, November 28 by refusing to leave the Occupy LA encampment at City Hall in a night-long stand off with police.  The Occupy movement, begun in Los Angles on October 1, vows to continue.  One leaflet urged people to “Occupy the Ports” on Monday, December 12 at 5:00 am at Harry Bridges Park in [...]

LA Occupy

You Can Arrest an Idea by Robert Scheer The bankers slept well. Their homes in Beverly Hills were not spotlighted by a noisy swarm of police helicopters, searchlights burning through the sanctity of the night, harassing the forlorn City Hall encampment of those who dared protest the banks’ seizure of our government. I live within sight of the iconic Los Angeles City Hall, and at first I thought it was being used [...]

Result of the Occupy Movement ?

Danny Glover at the Los Angeles Occupy What Will Be the Result of the Occupy Movement ? By Greg Foisie   It’s the end of Saturday, October 15, 2011.  After spending the past two days and nights at Occupy L.A., which now boasts hundreds of tents completely surrounding downtown Los Angeles City Hall with a wish list including 50+ tent requests to date, I have driven 15 minutes south to the oasis [...]

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