Repression in Honduras

Latin América Repression Continues in Honduras By Carlos Quintanilla Social organizations condemn the recent wave of repression against demonstrators protesting the privatization of education and the high cost of living in Honduras. La Federación de Organizaciones de la Enseñanza (Federation of Teaching Organization) in Honduras, has stated that police have been firing tear gas shells and rubber bullets at demonstrators in several cities and detaining dozens of educators for demanding that the [...]

New President-Elect Promises to Follow Uribe’s Era

By Carlos Quintanilla Juan Manuel Santos, former National Defense Minister of Colombia, became President-elect with 69 percent of the runoff vote on Sunday, June 20. He defeated Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus who received 27.5 percent. Nearly 30 million Colombians were eligible to vote in the runoffs, but only 9 million went to the polls. The rest, according to Diario El Tiempo, stayed home to watch the World Cup games. In his [...]

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Honduran Teachers Take the Streets Against Privatization

By Carlos Quintanilla Since the beginning of May, thousands of Honduran teachers led by the Federation of Teachers’ Organizations of Honduras (FOMH) have been marching and demonstrating to protest against government plans to privatize primary and secondary schools. These actions began in Tegucigalpa, Honduras’ capital, and the provinces of Morazán, Yoro and Cortes, spreading to cities of Comayagua and Lempira. According to community station Radio Progreso, Honduran educators reject government attempts to [...]

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