The Perils of Progressive Media

The Perils of Progressive Media by John Johnson             Last month we got an email from the Getty Foundation. They demanded $350 from Change- Links, claiming that we used one of their photos on a page from our Website from about three months ago. On it, we’d ran an article about a homeless families. To illustrate it I chose a photo I found on the Web of a homeless family.                 A [...]

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Media Hacks

Why Our National Press Corps Is Failing the Public Abysmally By Joshua Holland You want a serious debate about the issues? Good luck! It's hard to imagine a greater irony than our political press, obsessed as it is with process stories, dubiously sourced rumors and trivial fluff, lamenting the fact that we can't have a “serious national debate.” Consider what may be the funniest lede in this cycle so far: “The elevated [...]

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