Activists for $15/hour min. wage and a union step up campaign

By Paul Krehbiel Over 200 labor and community activists met at Holman United Methodist Church in central Los Angeles October 2 to fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage for over 800,000 low paid workers in Los Angeles.  The majority are people of color.  Experts say at least $15 an hour is needed to get out of poverty.   The Los Angeles City Council recently passed a law mandating the larger LA [...]

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Excerpt from “Love Poem to Los Angeles”

(with a respectful nod to Jack Hirschman) ...I love L.A., I can't forget its smells, I love to make love in L.A., it's a great city, a city without a handle, the world's most mixed metropolis, of intolerance and divisions, how I love it, how I hate it, Zootsuit "riots," can't stay away, city of hungers, angers, Ruben Salazar, Rodney King, I'd like to kick its face in, a bone city, dried [...]

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