We Turn It Under

by Uncle Don BF Fanning we turn it under till the ground and chew up roads and bones spreading dreams across our fields they say rotation spares the crops exhaustion so it is we move our commerce to newer quarters our money once had substance and nutrition but we've freed it --- given souls to numbers and capital's the thing that migrates, now, instead of us, consuming star spawn while we're left [...]

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Poetry Corner: The Price of Doing Business

by Mark Lipman ATTENTION, Walmart Shoppers: Somewhere in  the swollen bowels of some dank and dimly lit offshore sweatshop maybe in China, or Vietnam, or Bangladesh the lights are being turned out in a young girl's eyes as she frantically stitches her childhood away one 12-hour shift at a time without sunlight or bathroom breaks or a proper education for pennies a day. Itís just Good Business. It helps the bottom line, [...]

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Even Whispers Can Mean War

by Iris De Anda even silence can mean death even smiles across the wrong skin can mean other things to other people even now after all this politically correct the sound of your voice can release the bullets of a firing squad the echo of your words heard in the smallest of towns can ignite unearthed rebellion the deep inhale and exhale of your breath the moment between us and them even [...]

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