Ferguson, USA

[col. writ. 3/5/15] © 2015 Mumia Abu-Jamal With breathless news reports, the U.S. Dept. of Justice's Pattern and Practice Study paints a damning picture of a long, cruel and bitter train of maltreatment, mass profiling, police targeting and brutality against Black people in the Missouri town of Ferguson. What may be even worse, however, is how the townís police, judges and political leaders conspired to loot the community, by fining them into [...]

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Song For The Worker Woman

© 2015 by Antonieta Villamil It is happening right now in my heart, in my mind, on a city street of any country; but I need to take that the revolution is not here because conformity is sitting its big potato ass on a couch of misled-me tales and we, the outraged 99% have to push all at once with all power from the ground up but first, need to dig that [...]

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From last April, 2014: April Fools Day Jokes… If Only!

By John Johnson As we go to press that jetliner is still missing in the Indian Ocean. Amid confusion in the Middle East, world powers maneuver to seize the Ukraine. Russia appears to have annexed the Crimea, but at the moment the US and United Nations retain some control over the Ukraine. Various factions in Syria, Iran and Iraq and Al-Qaeda continue lobbing missiles at each other, and, as always, the killing [...]

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Beyond the ACA (Affordable Healthcare Act)

BEYOND THE ACA: Health for More Today, And Medicare For All Tomorrow By Georgia Brewer, AllCare Alliance The Immigrant Rights and Healthcare Equality movements are joining forces for a Leadership Conference on Health for All and a Lobby Day to support both SB4 (Lara), the Health for All Act, and universal, publicly funded Medicare for All! The Health4All Coalition and the AllCare Alliance, with over 250 partner organizations, are the primary sponsors, [...]

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