October 2014 Calendar

Oct 1  Wed: Health and Wellness expert Dave MacArthur will discuss the Four Pillars of Health: Basic Nutrition and Advancements for Healthy Muscles, Energy and the Most Effective Weight Loss, Mental Clarity and the most cutting-edge Anti-Aging Telomeres Science: the only known human biological clock.6:30p Reception*, 7p event, Mayme A Clayton Library and Museum, 4130 Overland Ave (just s. of Culver Blvd), Culver City 90230. httpss://www.facebook.com/events/812910358752429/? * Tasties including Kosher & Vegan [...]

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Time to REBEL!

Time to REBEL! 5 Ways We Can Break the Big Banks' Death Grip on the Economy By Stephen Lerner Wall Street’s incredible greed and arrogance may have finally handed us the tools and leverage we need.   Let’s be honest. Many people are feeling a little hopeless and cynical about whether anything can change how Wall Street banks run roughshod over the economy and our democracy. We’ve marched, rallied, sat-in and thousands [...]

Build the Progressive Movement

You Have to Help Build the Progressive Movement! If you don’t think now is a good time to  support this progressive newspaper, your  living on another planet. There is a virulent right-wing, racist movement being ginned up by some billionaires, like the Koch brothers and Rupert Muddock. There is a corporate structure that already controls most of the media and one that seeks to control every aspect of whats left of our [...]

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