Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Support KPFK & Pacifica

by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART), KPFK LSB Chair 2021, 2022 Some people are advocating cutting off donations to KPFK and Pacifica., in particular to support the claims and efforts of New Day Pacifica. This is a counter-productive and destructive proposal. KPFK and Pacifica need and merit our support to maintain and build the independence and impact as democratic media of free speech, non-commercial listener-sponsored community radio, a [...]

KPFK Board Elections, Fund Drive: Vote, Donate!

KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles (www.kpfk.org), part of the Pacifica Foundation family of radio stations, is holding an election for Local Station Board members. Ballots went out August 15 to nearly 15,000 listener-sponsor members of the station, and over 200 paid and unpaid staff members. The two constituencies will elect delegates to serve for three years on the local board (who in turn will elect 1 staff and 3 listener directors to [...]

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