Government That Surveilled MLK in Bid to Destroy Him — Wants Us to Trust Them

by Juan Cole Among the ironies of Barack Obama trying to sell us the gargantuan NSA domestic spying program is that such techniques of telephone surveillance were used against the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. in an attempt to destroy him and stop the Civil Rights movement. Had the republic's most notorious peeping tom, J. Edgar Hoover, succeeded in that quest, Obama might never have been president, or even served in Virginia restaurants. Now that MLK is recognized by all but a tiny minority of Americans (Dick [...]

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Norwegian Right-Wing Attack

When Extremism Learns to Blow Things Up by Juan Cole The revelation by CNN that Norwegian right wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik kept a diary in which he obsessed about the dangers of cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, and the “Islamification” of Europe will remind many Americans of the tactics of our own right wing (only these themes have been taken up by people much more mainstream in the US than Breivik is in Norway!) The movement to ban the shariah, the castigation of a progressive income tax as [...]

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Police Spying on Cell Phones

Police Downloading Your Data off Your Phone After Pulling You Over -- A Nightmare Reality By Juan Cole Obama is siding with police who want to use GPS devices to track you without a warrant. President Barack Obama is actually siding with police who want to use GPS devices to track you without a warrant. It always disturbed me when on “Star Trek” the captain asked the ship’s computer where a crew member was and was told the person’s exact location. Even civilians such as the ship’s [...]

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