Easy Economics

by Ray Jones Our economy has a business cycle. There are prosperous times and impoverished times. In prosperous times, business firms distribute complimentary items, products are durable, affordable and in surplus. Rents are reasonable. Savings, investments and luxuries are plentiful. Families are larger, wives can be homemakers, and recreation and entertainment flourish. Remember the years 1795-1835, and in the 1950's. In impoverished times, there is a lack of employment, people have a [...]

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Muma Report and Update

Badge of the Rapist-Racist © 2015 by Mumia Abu-Jamal [12/14/15] As the first phase of the trial of police officer Daniel Holdzclaw comes to a close, one is forced to take stock of what the trial and its (lack of) coverage means. Holdzclaw, a 28- year old white Oklahoma cop, was recently convicted of 18 charges of sexual assault, rape, sodomy and related offenses, the targeting and raping of some 13 Black [...]

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