There is Love in Peace

It’s been a beautiful ride thus far to see the social development occurring among races around the Agreement to End Hostilities. We, here at Calipatria State Prison, have come to see the value in the Agreement of End Hostilities, where our Families, friends and associates are enjoying their incarcerated love ones! Proving there is Love in Peace!

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“Moving Beyond Capitalism” conference works to build more humane world

By Paul Krehbiel "The capitalist class is in a serious crisis without solution," said David Schweikart at the Moving Beyond Capitalism conference in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, organized by the Center for Global Justice (July 30-Aug. 5, 2014).  "But there is a solution," he said, "economic democracy, democratic socialism."  Over 200 people from 15 countries discussed how to make this happen. Chronic high unemployment, depressed wages and benefits, cuts in social services, growing inequality and repression, and social and political resistance are endemic to nearly all [...]

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Confronting Colonialism and the Legacy of Columbus

by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles In countless ways, we live in the long shadow of Columbus and the genocidal impact of European colonialism of indigenous lands and peoples, and the subsequent capture and enslavement of Africans, also genocidal, to work those lands. These are not just historical but ongoing realities that shape the present, unless and until we unite to shape a new future, of decolonization. We can't confront the ills of this society without overturning the root causes in conquest, colonialism, privatization of communally-held indigenous [...]

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We Still Need $15 and a Union – NOW!

by John Parker, LA Workers Assembly As many know, in solidarity with fast food and retail workers demanding a livable wage, the Los Angeles Workers Assembly has submitted a Ballot Initiative Ordinance to the City Clerk and City Attorney for a $15 minimum wage to take effect immediately after passage. So, we are glad to see that the pressure created by fast food and Walmart workers demanding $15 and a union has gotten a response from Mayor Garcetti as reflected in his proposal on Labor Day for [...]

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GI Rights

by Greg Foisie - volunteer for Change-links, KPFK, Addicted to War, and the Arlington West Memorial Santa Monica operated by Veterans for Peace Los Angeles GI "Rights" Are Not Rights - A review of human and labor rights, with an introduction to GI "rights" and related provisions in the context of militarism.   Synopsis - The necessity for the fulfillment of basic human needs are what are generally identified as being human and labor rights.  Soldier (GI) "rights" are not rights in this regard.  GI "rights" are [...]

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Our Nazis; Their Nazis — Ukraine and neo-Nazis

by William Blum Ever since serious protest broke out in Ukraine in February the Western mainstream media, particularly in the US, have seriously downplayed the fact that the usual suspects - the US/European Union/NATO triumvirate - have been on the same side as the neo-Nazis. In the US it's been virtually unmentionable. I'm sure that a poll taken in the United States on this issue would reveal near universal ignorance of the numerous neo-Nazi actions, including publicly calling for death to "Russians, Communists, and Jews." But in [...]

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Recent Murders Awaken the US to the Reality of Its Violence, Racism, and Police Brutality

by Greg Foisie - Change-links volunteer Over the past few years, ongoing news coverage related to instances of the murders of unarmed black youth by white men have galvanized local communities resulting in large, nationwide protests over these tragic deaths.  They include the cases of an unarmed and subdued Oscar Grant killed on January 1st, 2009 by Johannes Mehserle, a white BART subway police officer in Oakland, CA; the murder of unarmed Trayvon Martin on February 26th, 2012 by George Zimmerman, a mixed Hispanic/white Neighborhood Watch captain [...]

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How the People’s Climate March Became a Corporate PR Campaign

by ARUN GUPTA I've never been to a protest march that advertised on the NY subway, $220,000 on posters inviting Wall Street bankers to join a march to save the planet. Welcome to the "People's Climate March" in NYC. It takes place before a UN Climate Summit two days later.  I'll join the march, the Climate Convergence, and most important the "Flood Wall Street" direct action on Mon., Sept. 22. The movement is radicalizing thousands of youth. Endorsers include some labor unions and many people-of-color community organizations. [...]

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