The Perils of Progressive Media

by John Johnson Last month we got an email from the Getty Foundation. They demanded $350 from Change- Links, claiming that we used one of their photos on a page from our Website from about three months ago. On it, we’d ran an article about a homeless families. To illustrate it I chose a photo I found on the Web of a homeless family. A number of years ago the Getty empire [...]

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Two Confessions and an Observation

By John Johnson Hi John, I think you’ve landed on a significant observation. While I’m not certain that the bloated lords of Greed would ever abandon a target consumer (nor do I believe they’ve lost interest in us - witness all the garish obnoxious commercials), impoverished demographics seem to spend hugely disproportionate amounts of money on worthless shit that gives them the temporary illusion of status.  Was it John Steinbeck who said [...]

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