The Killing of Brendon Glenn, Legalized Lynchings by Police and a Lynching Charge Against Shalana Little

By Xaime Casillas I smelled the latest wave of racism heading west when Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 was jumping off. I pay attention to this not because I remember the stories my papa told me as a teenager of him working as an immigrant in the 50’s, his runins with the police, but because I too have had a few myself. From paperboy days around the neighborhood to teenage years behind the [...]

Poverty Increasing

Poverty Increasing US adds 3.8 million more to ranks of the poor as poverty rate jumps. US poverty rate hit 14.3 percent last year, up from 13.2 percent in 2008. The jump bring the number of the poor to its highest level since 1959, five years before the Johnson-era War on Poverty. By Ron Scherer The deepest recession in modern times has sharply increased the ranks of the poor during the past [...]

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