Unfettered Corporate Greed

5 Ways America Is Being Hollowed Out by Unfettered Corporate Greed Paul Buchheit There's no free market -- just businesses doing whatever they please with virtually zero accountability. Conservatives believe that enriching individuals will eventually enrich society, and that government should not get in the way of the process. This is what happens as a result: (1) The tax loss from one scheming businessman could have paid the salaries of 30,000 nurses [...]

Tax the Rich

Fix Economic Crisis:  Tax the Rich! By Paul Krehbiel The US government budget deficit is now $1.5 trillion, and most states are running out of money too.  Political leaders are wringing their hands and crying in unison:  “There’s just no money.”  Led by Republicans, the only solution, they say, is to cut, cut, cut.  They’re on a slash and burn rampage, pushing draconian cuts in education, health care, pensions, public workers, Social [...]

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