Creeping Villainy

By Chris Hedges (excerpts from The rise in hate crimes against Muslims and acceptance of hate speech as legitimate political discourse signal the morbidity of our civil society. The amplification of hate by commercial media whose sole concern is ratings and ad dollars presages a descent into the proto-fascist nightmare of racism, violence against the marginalized, and celebration of chauvinism, militarism and bigotry. The attacks on Muslims are only the beginning. There's a long list, including undocumented workers, African-Americans, homosexuals, liberals, feminists, intellectuals and artists. We're [...]

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What It Means to Be a Socialist (Excerpts)

by Chris Hedges We live in a revolutionary moment. The disastrous experiment that attempted to organize human behavior around the dictates of the global marketplace has failed. The prosperity that was to have raised the living standards of workers through trickle-down economics has been exposed as a lie. A tiny global oligarchy has amassed obscene wealth, while corporate capitalism plunders resources, exploits cheap labor and creates corrupt governments that abandon the common good to serve corporate profit. The drive by the fossil fuel industry for profits [...]

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Let’s Get This Class War Started

by  Chris Hedges “The rich are different from us,” F. Scott Fitzgerald is said to have remarked to Ernest Hemingway, to which Hemingway allegedly replied, “Yes, they have more money.” The exchange, although it never actually took place, sums up a wisdom Fitzgerald had that eluded Hemingway. The rich are different. The cocoon of wealth and privilege permits the rich to turn those around them into compliant workers, hangers-on, servants, flatterers and sycophants. Wealth breeds, as Fitzgerald illustrated in “The Great Gatsby” and his short story “The [...]

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What a Revolution Looks Like

This Is What a Revolution Looks Like By Chris Hedges ...Get back into your cages, they are telling us. Return to watching the lies, absurdities, trivia and celebrity gossip we feed you in 24-hour cycles on television. Invest your emotional energy in the vast system of popular entertainment. Run up your credit card debt. Pay your loans. Be thankful for the scraps we toss. Chant back to us our phrases about democracy, greatness and freedom. Vote in our rigged political theater. Send your young men and women [...]

Change-Links—April 2010

Rebel Against Corporations' Greed, Racism-Poverty, War PDF File of The April Issue Calling All Rebels By Chris Hedges Time for Rebirth: The US Antiwar Movement is Grieving, Dreaming, Growing By Clare Bayard & Sara Lazare Lies, Dame Lies and the Media By David Swanson  (ACORN) Assassinations, Arrests and Persecution Continue in Honduras By Carlos Quintanilla The Rebel By John Johnson

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