TO BERN OR NOT TO BERN: why the left (and everybody else) should support Bernie Sanders for president

By Charles Fredricks Contrary to what we are encouraged to accept, supporting a politician is not a beauty contest, a horse race, or a marriage. Bernie Sanders may not be a perfect candidate, but he's certainly the closest to perfect of anyone who's had a shot at winning since George McGovern (whom I must confess I didn't support based on the system is rotten beyond repair brand of cynicism). Gripes over Bernie [...]

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Methane in CA – Spin Won’t Cut It

by Charles Fredricks A recent public indoctrination event on the issue of Methane held by Climate Resolve makes for a good Earth Day inventory of where we stand in Southern California. As with the previous Climate Resolve conference, what is most remarkable is what was omitted from discussion. The panel featured regulators and scientists, funded on the public dollar with some support from industry, describing their work to isolate and plug the [...]

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Busy Cutting The Branch We’re Sitting On

by Charles Fredricks It's said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; but then, to get where you're going, it's helpful to know where you are to begin with. For those paying attention, two alarming studies were published recently calling attention to the lack of attention paid to our global ecology. For most these reports flew by under the radar, as conflict between races and [...]

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CLIMATE CHANGE by the numbers

By Charles Fredricks 5 or 10 years: The amount of time we may have to lock in transition of electric power generation, heating and cooling, and transportation away from carbon based fossil fuels to renewable energy, to avoid civilization-ending disaster. 50 years: The time lag roughly between when we will feel the effects in the climate system of the carbon emissions we are generating now. positive feedback mechanisms, 3: Systems in the [...]

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The Over-riding Urgency of Climate Change

by Charles Fredricks This year 20,000,000 people were displaced by climate events; more than by war (that's from the UN). In a few years, without prompt action, that number will increase tenfold, and from there the news will only get worse. This needs to remain a top-priority focus, educating the public and discussing steps that must be taken now to avert greater damage. To me Arun Gupta's article fails in this respect. [...]

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