Excerpt from: MACEHUAL (COMMON FOLK) POET by Francisco X. Alarcon

I am a macehual poet, a follower of butterflies with no other ceiling than the open sky full of stars my sole flag is a white cloud in the sky, a dove of peace the whole world - already borderless - is my home and backyard Macehual: A Nahuatl (Aztec) term for the common folk, the bulk of the people, whose labor continues the vital core of society. Francisco X. Alarcon, the L.A.-born Chicano poet and factory laborer who worked his way from adult school, East L.A. [...]

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Two So Cal Kaiser units, one in Nor Cal ratify National Union of Health Workers contracts

from the NUHW Pulse, December 21, 2015 After a five-year struggle, members in three of NUHW's four Kaiser units have ratified contracts, and negotiations to settle the fourth are underway. The Psych-Social unit of Southern California mental health clinicians and medical social workers voted by 87% to ratify their contract on December 18, and the Southern California dietitians, health educators, audiologists, and speech pathologists that comprise the Health Care Professionals unit voted 91% to ratify their contract. NUHW's Integrated Behavioral Health Services unit of Northern California mental [...]

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Second Barrel of the Shotgun Aimed at labor, Consumer & Environmental Protections Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: “Free Trade” Agreement between the US and the EU

By Vicente Navarro Lopez Source Kaosenlared.net / The Dawn / December 3, 2015 The aim of this treaty is not to facilitate the trade between the US and the EU, but to eliminate what the treaty defines as barriers to trade and investment, which refers to standards of protection of workers, environments and consumers that countries have developed in response to popular demands. In several previous articles I have warned about the danger this misnamed new treaty between the US and the European Union (EU) poses for [...]

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California Drivers May Lose Advantage When Contesting Traffic Tickets

by Geoff Mousseau California is the only state that permits drivers to contest traffic tickets by mail.  Recent developments suggest that this advantage may soon be eliminated. The back of each traffic ticket refers to ìtrial by written declaration.î  This strange reference is to a process that has, until recently, only been known to lawyers.   But Trial by Mail is available to anyone who doesn't want to spend the time or take the risk of appearing in court for a traffic trial. Trial by Mail is a [...]

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Planet Earth to The Donald

From: Planet Earth To: Donald Trump; the Kochs; the Waltons; Ted Cruz; Ben Carson; execs of Wall St., Monsanto and the oil companies; et cetera; on the occasion of the COP21 Paris Agreement Dear The Donald et al., I'm pretty forgiving about most things, because I know someone only really learns something when they realize it and choose to change for their own sake, so I've let you continue with some rather large delusions for some time, in the hopes that the natural consequences piling up from [...]

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The failure of the recent UN climate summit in Paris to adopt any strict requirements or enforcement mechanisms for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is a testament to the power of reaction in the US, both in terms of corporate carbon-extractive industries and racist and religious right climate denialism. International mechanisms established by US initiatives such as the WTO and the upcoming TPP have built-in teeth that allow private corporate interests to enforce their will on supposedly democratic governments. But the climate accord creates no mechanism for [...]

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Trump Las Vegas Workers Vote to Join Culinary Union in NLRB Election

by Bethany Khan BKhan@CulinaryUnion226.org After two days of voting in a National Labor Relations Board election, a majority of workers at the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas have voted YES to be represented by the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and the Bartenders Union Local 165 of UNITE HERE. Over 500 employees of the hotel are in the union's bargaining units and were eligible to vote. Trump Las Vegas workers voted in the NLRB election on December 4 and 5 at their hotel. This victory for workers [...]

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Easy Economics

by Ray Jones Our economy has a business cycle. There are prosperous times and impoverished times. In prosperous times, business firms distribute complimentary items, products are durable, affordable and in surplus. Rents are reasonable. Savings, investments and luxuries are plentiful. Families are larger, wives can be homemakers, and recreation and entertainment flourish. Remember the years 1795-1835, and in the 1950's. In impoverished times, there is a lack of employment, people have a hard time paying for housing and other necessities, and families have to scramble. The most [...]

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Black Students, Allies, Rise Up Against Campus Racism

Beginning with protests at Mizzou (U. of Missouri) over inaction against racist incidents and an over-all climate of racism, which led to the resignation of the university president, a wave of anti-racist protests swept campuses around the country, including UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, and Occidental College locally, after which solidarity rallies were held at many colleges, including USC. From https://www.thedemands.org/ here are some essentials about what Black and other students are demanding: Black Liberation Collective Demands (Multiple Colleges) National Demands: 1. WE DEMAND at the minimum, Black [...]

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Muma Report and Update

Badge of the Rapist-Racist © 2015 by Mumia Abu-Jamal [12/14/15] As the first phase of the trial of police officer Daniel Holdzclaw comes to a close, one is forced to take stock of what the trial and its (lack of) coverage means. Holdzclaw, a 28- year old white Oklahoma cop, was recently convicted of 18 charges of sexual assault, rape, sodomy and related offenses, the targeting and raping of some 13 Black women, from teens to a woman in her 50s! An Oklahoma jury recommended the man [...]

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A Big Victory of The Greek People!

by Aris Anagnos For the third time within nine months the people of Greece  were called to the polls on September 20. In January, for the first time, the people of Greece were able to vote a progressive leftwing government into power, SYRIZA, the Coalition of the Radical Left. Previous attempts at the end of WWII were drowned in blood, first by the British offensive against the Greek Resistance movement in 1944, which was then succeeded by the Truman Doctrine of Intervention and precipitated a very costly [...]

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