Volunteers Needed for Change-Links Production

Change Links Needs Editorial, Layout & Website Volunteers If Change Links is to continue much longer into its third year since the death of long-time editor John Johnson, it needs a rapid infusion of volunteers who can take responsibility for editorial work, soliciting and correcting articles and graphics; layout, designing the text and calendar sections of the print publication, and website design and maintenance. A large crew of people initially showed up [...]

FLINT: Crimes of Capital

© 2016 by Mumia Abu-Jamal [1/21/16] From the beginning of human communal time, people built cities adjacent to rivers, for water, fresh water, was the source of life. Cairo (and before it grew into Cairo, Fustat), relied on the Nile; London (and before that, the Roman colonial city of Londinium) was built upon the banks of the Thames; Paris (originally known as Par-Isis, or the House of Isis) grew from the flow [...]

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HOME PURE HOME: Living Clean From Floor To Ceiling

By Shicana Allen, © 2016 Chemtrails, cellphone towers, the Porter Ranch gas leak, Fukushima radiation traveling from Japan; pesticides & GMOs in the food supply. Everyday, consumers worry about and try to protect themselves from toxins and poisons invading their worlds. But what if significant culprits in the overall declining health of Americans reside right under our very roofs, in our homes and surrounding our beds? Unlike the externally-caused factors listed above, [...]

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Point/Counter-Point on Bernie Sanders

Why I support Bernie Sanders by Richard Macias, Chicanos for Bernie I want to tell you why I support Sen. Bernie Sanders and why this election will be the most important election in our lives. Every four years we're given the opportunity to select a President for the ruling class! To choose one of a handful of Representatives that have been handpicked by a handful of even more powerful people known as [...]

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SoCal Gas Creates 10,000+ Environmental Refugees in L.A.

by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-L.A. The Aliso Canyon/Porter Ranch methane leak is so large it will measurably set back not just the city's but the entire state's greenhouse gas emission targets, effectively erasing nearly a decade's worth of statewide emission reductions. It accounts for more than 25% of all emissions statewide, and gives the lie to the claims that methane, AKA "natural gas," is a "clean" energy source. Two schools and thousands [...]

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State of The Black Union

The Shadow of Crisis has NOT Passed Excerpted from: https://blacklivesmatter.com/who-we-are/ The current state of Black America is anything but just. For Black people in the U.S., the shadow of crisis has not passed. The median wealth for single White women is $42,600. For Black women, itís $5.001. The infant mortality rate for Black mothers is more than double that of White mothers, due to factors like poverty, lack of access to health [...]

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Local station board elections for KPFK listener-sponsor and staff delegates were completed on January 4, and results were announced and certified about two weeks later by the National Elections Supervisor, who was doubling up to complete the local elections. Despite glitches with getting people their ballots, a quorum was reached in both the listener and staff elections. The full results are available at https://elections.pacifica.org, including images of individual ballots and the raw [...]

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Sunday February 28 2016 TURN OFF THE OSCARS!

by Rob Macon Not again! First 2015 and now 2016. The 88th Academy Awards, known as the Oscars, for yet another year has decided that whites only will celebrate being the best actors, rather than any other people of color. We Built This City,î as the song goes, which seems to be the mindset not only of the voting members of the Academy, but also, we're learning, of the Hollywood studio executives, [...]

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Japanese Community Mobilizes to Save Keiro

The Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro held a march and rally from Little Tokyo to the Reagan State Building to serve Attorney General Kamala Harris with petition signatures to prevent the privatization of the Japanese/Japanese-American community's elder care institution.  They held a speak-out urging the AG to stop the sale of Keiro until a public hearing can be held. The committee held a public hearing earlier in the month  at the [...]

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