August 2016 Calendar

Westside Peace Festival An afternoon and evening Benefit Concert celebrating peace initiatives and promoting peace education and inspiration: an all-ages event. This concert will raise funds for a fall campus tour of committed peace activists and educators who formerly served in the US military, who will be speaking at colleges and universities around southern California. Saturday, August 27, 2016 ~ 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm, held at: The Church in Ocean Park, 235 [...]

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Venice Community Opposes $2.3 Million Public Subsidy to Business District

Venice BID to get $2.3 million from city of Los Angeles by  Mike Chamness, Occupy Venice, (602) 339-6607 City is Set to Provide $2.3 Million over 5 Years to Fund Venice Beach Business Improvement District Residents and Stakeholders Gathered to Ask Why the Public Beachfront is Being Privatized, and Why the City is Giving Millions to a Process Intended for Businesses to Vote to Tax Themselves Residents, property owners, visitors and others [...]


Local station board elections for KPFK listener-sponsor and staff delegates were completed on January 4, and results were announced and certified about two weeks later by the National Elections Supervisor, who was doubling up to complete the local elections. Despite glitches with getting people their ballots, a quorum was reached in both the listener and staff elections. The full results are available at, including images of individual ballots and the raw [...]

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Second Barrel of the Shotgun Aimed at labor, Consumer & Environmental Protections Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: “Free Trade” Agreement between the US and the EU

By Vicente Navarro Lopez Source / The Dawn / December 3, 2015 The aim of this treaty is not to facilitate the trade between the US and the EU, but to eliminate what the treaty defines as barriers to trade and investment, which refers to standards of protection of workers, environments and consumers that countries have developed in response to popular demands. In several previous articles I have warned about the [...]

Planet Earth to The Donald

From: Planet Earth To: Donald Trump; the Kochs; the Waltons; Ted Cruz; Ben Carson; execs of Wall St., Monsanto and the oil companies; et cetera; on the occasion of the COP21 Paris Agreement Dear The Donald et al., I'm pretty forgiving about most things, because I know someone only really learns something when they realize it and choose to change for their own sake, so I've let you continue with some rather [...]

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Muma Report and Update

Badge of the Rapist-Racist © 2015 by Mumia Abu-Jamal [12/14/15] As the first phase of the trial of police officer Daniel Holdzclaw comes to a close, one is forced to take stock of what the trial and its (lack of) coverage means. Holdzclaw, a 28- year old white Oklahoma cop, was recently convicted of 18 charges of sexual assault, rape, sodomy and related offenses, the targeting and raping of some 13 Black [...]

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February 2015 Calendar

Malcolm X Black Power Conference sponsored by National Black United Front 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X/El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Fri, Feb 20, 6p - Sun, Feb 22, 6p (EST) Blackburn Center, Howard Univ., Washington, D.C. 301-836-1826   Feb 1 - Sun: Change-Links Distribution/Planning: Date changed from Jan 25. Normally last Sun 11a, Culver City. Feb 22, Mar 29. Peace Center, 3916 S Sepulveda Blvd (between Venice [...]

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The Over-riding Urgency of Climate Change

by Charles Fredricks This year 20,000,000 people were displaced by climate events; more than by war (that's from the UN). In a few years, without prompt action, that number will increase tenfold, and from there the news will only get worse. This needs to remain a top-priority focus, educating the public and discussing steps that must be taken now to avert greater damage. To me Arun Gupta's article fails in this respect. [...]

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