Black Lives Matter #DecolonizeLAcityHall demands: Fire Charlie Beck

Black Lives Matter LA and allies from Asian-Pacific Islanders for Black Lives, White People for Black Lives, various Chicano/Mexicano/Raza/indigenous organizations and others are well into the second month of  #DecolonizeLAcityHall to #FireBeck, the LAPD chief who presides over the most murderous police agency in the country for what is the third year in a row. On Aug. 23, their attempt to get the LA Police Commission to address its responsibilities to oversee [...]

#DecolonizeLACityHall Sit-in to Fire LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

Fire Police Chief Charlie Beck for Leading the Most Murderous Police Force in the US by Melina Abdullah, Black Lives Matter LA httpss:// We need you to do three things to help remove LAPD Chief Charlie Beck as head of the most murderous law enforcement unit in the nation. Call Mayor Garcetti and tell him to #FireBeck 213-978-0600 Sign the petition. httpss:// Get at least 3 people to do the same today. [...]

Defend Black Lives Matter Protesters Against Police Abuse

BLM Pasadena organizer Jasmine Richards Abdullah says: "I moved from Pasadena my home due to police threats. I have also been charged with felony lynching from a peace walk BLM Pasadena organized in northwest Pasadena on August 28, 2015." As C-L goes to press, she was convicted of attempted felony lynching in Pasadena by the Pasadena office of the L.A. County district attorney, and faces a possible 4-year sentence on Tuesday June 7 at the Pasadena courthouse -- people are mobilizing for court support and urge leniency.

The Black Caucus is Defending Corporate Money in Politics Tell the CBC: No More Business as Usual

by Alicia Garza, #BlackLivesMatter On April 19, the Black Lives Matter National Network along with Million Hoodies for Justice, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration and others joined ColorOfChange's efforts to end the corporate control of the Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee. For all of us, it is extremely important to make sure Black elected officials know that they are accountable to our communities, not their corporate benefactors. Like Black Lives [...]

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If This is a War, Then Black Lives Matter is Losing

by Mumia Abu-Jamal Plus Ca change, say the French; or The more things change, of course, the more they stay the same. That thought, with all its despair and wisdom, resonates with particular power when we look at the Black Freedom Struggle, which, despite its ebbs and flows, has a sameness that seems to suspend it in its own time, akin to a Biblical narrative that exists in its own realm, [...]

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Black Lives Matter! Stop Racist Murders! End Police Impunity! Meet the BART-stopping woman behind “Black Lives Matter”

Last Friday, I found myself trapped on BART in San Francisco, listening to an announcement that train traffic was suspended due to “civil insurrection.” An hour earlier, a group of 14 people at the W. Oakland BART station had hung a banner that read “Black Lives Matter” —slogan of those who condemned the grand jury decision to refuse to try officer Darren Wilson, for killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. [...]

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