Message from a Black Man

MESSAGE FROM A BLACK MAN by Rob Macon I remember when I was in the 3rd grade at Arlington Elementary Grade School in St. Louis. The year was 1965. I was walking through the schoolyard in the fall one day and I noticed white spray paint on the front wall of the school building with a message that read: "STOP WHITE POLICE FROM KILLING US!" I was afraid. It felt like that [...]

Be a Panther at War…For the Hearts and Minds of the People!

by Laa Laa Shakur, Black Riders Liberation Party We need a nationwide defense force: From L.A, to St. Louis, to NY. RISE UP- WE MUST DEFEND OURSELVES! Read the Black Riders' Number One Rule: "Out of frustration and hopelessness, the Black Riders was formed by young Black people who have reached the point of no return. We refuse to be manipulated by the racist U.S. government and its ruling elite any longer [...]

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