August 2016 Calendar

Westside Peace Festival An afternoon and evening Benefit Concert celebrating peace initiatives and promoting peace education and inspiration: an all-ages event. This concert will raise funds for a fall campus tour of committed peace activists and educators who formerly served in the US military, who will be speaking at colleges and universities around southern California. Saturday, August 27, 2016 ~ 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm, held at: The Church in Ocean Park, 235 [...]

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State of The Black Union

The Shadow of Crisis has NOT Passed Excerpted from: The current state of Black America is anything but just. For Black people in the U.S., the shadow of crisis has not passed. The median wealth for single White women is $42,600. For Black women, itís $5.001. The infant mortality rate for Black mothers is more than double that of White mothers, due to factors like poverty, lack of access to health [...]

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Local station board elections for KPFK listener-sponsor and staff delegates were completed on January 4, and results were announced and certified about two weeks later by the National Elections Supervisor, who was doubling up to complete the local elections. Despite glitches with getting people their ballots, a quorum was reached in both the listener and staff elections. The full results are available at, including images of individual ballots and the raw [...]

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Excerpt from: MACEHUAL (COMMON FOLK) POET by Francisco X. Alarcon

I am a macehual poet, a follower of butterflies with no other ceiling than the open sky full of stars my sole flag is a white cloud in the sky, a dove of peace the whole world - already borderless - is my home and backyard Macehual: A Nahuatl (Aztec) term for the common folk, the bulk of the people, whose labor continues the vital core of society. Francisco X. Alarcon, the [...]

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Two So Cal Kaiser units, one in Nor Cal ratify National Union of Health Workers contracts

from the NUHW Pulse, December 21, 2015 After a five-year struggle, members in three of NUHW's four Kaiser units have ratified contracts, and negotiations to settle the fourth are underway. The Psych-Social unit of Southern California mental health clinicians and medical social workers voted by 87% to ratify their contract on December 18, and the Southern California dietitians, health educators, audiologists, and speech pathologists that comprise the Health Care Professionals unit voted [...]

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Second Barrel of the Shotgun Aimed at labor, Consumer & Environmental Protections Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: “Free Trade” Agreement between the US and the EU

By Vicente Navarro Lopez Source / The Dawn / December 3, 2015 The aim of this treaty is not to facilitate the trade between the US and the EU, but to eliminate what the treaty defines as barriers to trade and investment, which refers to standards of protection of workers, environments and consumers that countries have developed in response to popular demands. In several previous articles I have warned about the [...]

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