Two days ago, I joined 6 other 99Rise members in standing up and speaking truth to power in the chamber of the United States Supreme Court. It was one of the most intense moments of my life…

Watch the video of our Supreme Court disruption.

One by one, we stood and interrupted the justices to call for overturning Citizens United and defending a “One Person, One Vote” democracy. We were forcefully apprehended and arrested. We spent the night in jail. We face trial on federal misdemeanor charges next month. But, let me tell you, folks, we sent a message to the Court and, more importantly, to millions of Americans who learned of our act of nonviolent civil disobedience through the 100’s of media hits it earned across the country: there is a movement growing in this country that will disrupt business as usual until corruption ends.

We aren’t done spreading that message. With the help of other 99Rise members and allies, we got video from inside the Court. Again. No one but 99Rise has ever done this, and now, in partnership with The Undercurrent and The Young Turks, we’re releasing the video to the world.

This is a special opportunity to spread our message and build the nonviolent movement to end corruption, separate wealth and state, and win real democracy for the 99%. Let’s seize it.

Thank you all so much for standing with me and the rest of the Supreme Court 7. Your support means the world. If you haven’t already, sign & share our petition. Then get this video out there everywhere. Let’s build a nonviolent army of democracy defenders that can’t be stopped.

Mary Zeiser and the rest of 99Rise Supreme Court 7

PS. We are still in need of funds to help cover legal and support costs for our case. If you can give anything at all, please do so here:

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