Alliance for Global Justice Under Attack by Pro-imperialist & Zionist Forces

AFGJ urgently needs your support in a challenging time. While we may not have received a formal declaration of war, we are currently battling what can only be described as a hybrid war – a strategy targeting independent media, grassroots organizations, students, student groups, professors, and popular movements as enemies and targets of war.

In the context of the hybrid war against Palestinian solidarity groups, AFGJ finds itself under attack with false allegations, crippling our ability to raise funds online. The perpetrators of this hybrid war are also actively working to halt any funding from foundations, creating a larger, concerning pattern.

War takes on new forms, and some weapons are designed to kill movements and popular organizations.

Hybrid warfare is an evolution beyond concepts like psyops, propaganda, and the “manufacture of consent.” It seeks not only to control or distort but to demonize, criminalize, and destroy those who question or resist systems of privilege and repression. In this crucial time, we ask for your support on two fronts:

Coalition Building: We are organizing a coalition of solidarity organizations facing similar targeting over Palestine-related activities. For more information, please email

Financial Support: We invite you to go “old school” with us and send a check or money order. Due to being cut off from online platforms, we’re asking for your help in the form of a tax-deductible contribution by check or money order to: Alliance for Global Justice, 225 E. 26th Street, Suite 1, Tucson, Arizona, 85713.

Each check represents more than a financial donation; it is a handwritten testament to the strength of our shared purpose. We appreciate your understanding and unwavering support as we navigate this challenge together.

Donations in the form of stock, donor-advised funds, legacy donations, and IRA distributions play a crucial role in sustaining our mission. If you’re interested in exploring these options, please email or complete this online form to connect:

Stand strong with us in the face of these attacks—your contribution is essential to fortify our resilience.

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