Stop Racism by Educating the Children

by Errol Segal

Since day one, we have had racism in America and for sure all over the world.  On Thursday, December 8th an article appeared in the LA Times stating that “Hate crimes in L.A. County reach[ed] the highest level in nearly two decades”.

My name is Errol Segal.  I am the Senior Recycling Consultant for Active Recycling Co. Inc. located at 2000 West Slauson Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90047.  Our business has been in operation at this location for over 48 years.

During that time, we have been an active community stakeholder and have provided many opportunities for the benefit of the community at large.

With racism, hate crimes and shootings only getting worse, it is time to support an ongoing national campaign. How can we ever stop racism if some of our leaders are racist? Politicians and many others have tried to end racism and have failed.

There has been so much talk about racism, hate crimes and shootings that I came up with a logo for which the federal government granted me a registered trademark.


Our goal is to help stop racism by educating children so when they grow up, they will not be haters! Children’s minds are like a sponge and that’s where we need to start. We cannot teach an old horse a new trick.

The time has more than come for you to be the first to kick off a national campaign to stop racism.

Considering that life is racially diverse and interracial, you can encourage others to join this new ongoing national campaign to stop racism, hate crimes and shootings once and for all. Hopefully, racism will go away in our lifetime!

You can purchase and wear the official t-shirt at, post it on all your social media, and tag @stopracismapparel so your followers can see and support the same cause.

Money from the sale of the shirts will be donated to children’s organizations, colleges and children’s hospitals to benefit children across the United States.

Other than skin pigmentation, we are all 99.9% the same color on the inside. We all have brains, hearts and everything else is the same. The logo is not racial as it covers the entire human race and all skin colors.

Regardless of one’s skin color, religious belief, or sexual orientation, we all need to unite!

Help stop racism! Please forward the attached to your contacts and also encourage them to forward to their contacts and on and on, so all can post. If you truly want to help stop racism, please spread the word about this National Campaign.

Errol H. Segal, Senior Recycling Consultant,  Active Recycling Co., Inc.

2000 W. Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90047

Tel no: (323) 295-7774

Cell phone no: (310) 713-7994

Fax: (323) 292-2114



Hello my name is Aaron Salter. My father, a retired Buffalo police officer of 30 years was working his security job that day at Tops Market, when he and 9 other people were gunned down and 3 additional people were injured. My dad went out a hero striking the perpetrator but the perpetrator was wearing full body armor. After this mass shooting happened it sparked a string of mass shootings all over the globe.

The shooting in Buffalo, NY was racially motivated as the perpetrator went to Tops Market where he knew the customers were mostly black and caused mayhem. He live-streamed the attack and even apologized to a Caucasian male when he shot him accidentally because the man was white. I saw the video and that is what is making me take a stand to get the word out.

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