Election Stolen Again
by David Troy
Stolen before, yes. Skull and bones Papa B. Brazen George, backed by his father’s CIA and the US military, strongmanned over anyone with oil under them. Enter from stage rear trap door – Another stolen election. With another strong man. But this strong man wants more than oil. He may tread on many in the US-the wrong color, religion, or who knows, because he changes his mind a lot. He was installed by his own and other corporate and .01% money. The installers were in the election departments of most states. Thousands across the country are protesting. Jill Stein is fundraising to recount several swing states.Yet the media is silent. Shout it! FRAUD!
A fraudulent election isn’t an election. On the contrary, an election is a conscious choice by people that’s tabulated as intended. Voter machine games, like fractional counts by rogue computer programs aren’t elections. Disenfranchisement of voters by cross check” invalidates an election. The “Red Shift” studied since 2000, the swing of vote tallies from blue to red after the polls close compared to the exit polls, demands a recount. Everyone knows this strongman didn’t win. Everyone knows Bernie Sanders won the primary. The same fraudulent things in the same states.There has been no election. Rerun this election.

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