As C-L was going to press, a run-off was scheduled in Brazil between the far-right militarist Jair Bolsonaro and the candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT), Fernando Haddad. This piece explains what’s at stake.–Ed.
NOT HIM: Stand against Fascism in Brazil and the Recolonization of Latin America

From our International Solidarity we call on all the democratic and progressive forces, the honest men and women of Brazil and Latin America to support in a unitary and forceful way the candidacy of Fernando Haddad-Manuela D’Avila in the rapidly approaching presidential election on October 28.
The strategy being implemented by the Brazilian oligarchy was designed by the U.S. government to criminalize and destroy the Workers Party (PT). Through the media, a judicial and parliamentary coup was carried out in September 2016 stripping Dilma Rousseff of power, then installing the corrupt government of Michel Temer, puppet of the White House, that in just two years has punished the people by cutting back the social gains of the workers, militarizing the streets of Brazil and repopulating the favelas into enormous ghettos of misery.
Included in this strategy, was the necessity to imprisonment the popular former president Lula da Silva, even if there was not a single bit of proof against him, by circumventing every loophole of justice, impeding his nomination, and demonizing the PT, and its history of struggle. Lula has been in prison for 188 days now and in spite of his situation, he was the candidate with the greatest lead in the polls by far.
To counter this they had to release a beast from the museum of horrors; the fascist Nazi captain Jair Bolsonaro, who proudly vindicates the brutal military dictatorship that spanned over twenty years beginning in 1964. He stands shamelessly for torture, mass sterilization of Afro-descendants and has a deep hatred for women. He has made public that he would rather see a child dead than gay. Bolsonaro’s campaign promises the emptying of the State funds, and the privatization of Brazil’s enormous natural resources. He has called for “citizen security” by applying the death penalty and wants to sell arms to people so that they can fix their problems by killing whoever they want including one who steals to eat even if that person is a minor.
Never before in the history of Brazil has hatred and blaspheme at this level been injected into an electoral campaign. Since September 30, seventy hate crimes have been committed including the carving of a Nazi swastika into the body of a 19 year old girl for wearing a shirt supporting the PT.
This is not the Brazil we love and admire; the country known for its joyful, hardworking people, kind and supportive, a country full of beautiful music, culture and Bahia’s poets. The great green Brazil, land of heroic struggles of the workers and the landless.
The grotesque Hitlerian Bolsonaro is the public face of the crouched military apparatus, the worst of humanity that began with Trump in the U.S., then Macri in Argentina, Duque in Colombia, Piñera in Chile. They are all cut from the same reactionary cloth and are part of Washington’s great scheme to recolonize Latin America, destroying our sovereignty, imposing the plans of submission to the IMF and seizing our enormous natural resources.
The dark night of the military dictatorships left more than 200,000 Brazilians dead and disappeared in the region; thousands of political prisoners and thousands more exiled or jailed. All of this was to impose imperial dependency with an unpayable debt.
Even if they want to erase it, the people of Brazil have memory and have said; Never Again!
On October 28 a candidate is not just going to be elected. What is at stake is the destiny, life and freedom of Our America. May this appeal to people of good conscience bring us all together into an emergency broad Anti-Fascist Front; beginning with our firm support for the PT candidate for president: Fernando Haddad-Manuela D’Avila.
.#EleNão #EleNunca #EleJamais #ElNuncaMas
#ContraOFascismoBrasilVotaHaddad #ContraElFascismoBrasilVotaHaddad
#VouDeHaddad #VoyConHaddad

Source: International Committee Peace, Justice and Dignity

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