Splitting up California? Not so fast.
The California Supreme Court decided unanimously in July to remove from the November ballot a measure aimed at dividing California into three states. The decision was a defeat for Tim Draper, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist considered an eccentric entrepreneur who spent $1.2 million on the measure. The court said it acted “because significant questions have been raised regarding the proposition’s validity and because we conclude that the potential harm in permitting the measure to remain on the ballot outweighs the potential harm in delaying the proposition to a future election. https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-three-state-court-20180718-story.html

Splitting California into 3 separate States? A billionaire wanted Voters to decide!

Opinion by Bella De Soto
No wonder! California is now the world’s 5th largest economy, beating the UK. Whereas, (<13.3% of the US economy is in California, Texas (9.5 percent), and New York (8.1 percent). Data from September 18, 2015. httpss://www.usatoday.com/…/05/05/california…5th-largest-economy…/583508002/ May 5, 2018 – California now world’s 5th largest economy, surpassing United Kingdom. to become the world’s fifth largest, according to new federal data.
Sec. of State Alex Padilla on June 28, 2018 certified the Proposition (#1814), which proposed the unthinkable of splitting California into three states!
Initiative: Qualification of #1814, Related to the Division of California
Pursuant to Section 9033(b)(2) of the Elections Code, I hereby certify that DIVISION OF CALIFORNIA INTO THREE STATES, INTIATIVE STATUTE. (#1814) is qualified for the November 6, 2018, General Election Ballot. 402,468 valid signatures were filed with the Counties. https://elections.cdn.sos.ca.gov/ccrov/pdf/2018/june/ 18145rb.pdf For initiative questions contact: Secretary of State Elections Division (916) 657-2166.
Initiative provisions: Divides California into three states subject to approval by Congress. Assigns each county to a new state. Upon passage, directs Governor to request that Congress grant approval within twelve months. If Congress approves, directs Legislature to divide California’s assets and liabilities between the new states. Provides that, if Legislature fails to act within twelve months of Congressional approval, debts shall be distributed among new states based on population relative to California population as a whole, and assets within boundaries of each new state shall become the assets of that new state. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Assuming this measure is approved by voters and the federal government and allowed by the courts, all tax collections and spending by the existing State of California would end. California’s existing state assets and liabilities would be divided among three new states. These states would make their own decisions about state and local taxes and spending. (17-0018.)
In light of the high Court’s recent prudent action to stop this initiative from moving forward on this serious matter, we can rest assured for now we will not have to vote on this despicable initiate, come November. But this will persist again by this Billionaire and cohorts in the future I am sure…
I was actually having difficulty finding adequate adjective(s) to express the disgrace I felt when I learned of this effort creeping about. Cooking itself, real-well, to show up on the Nov/06/2018 General Election Ballot, when Californian Voters would cast their vote in the positive or negative!
The masses in California would hopefully vote wisely enough sending a resounding “NO” vote to the Initiative underwriters, who care not about prevailing economic/social and political disparities among the classes that make up the California fabric. Therefore, no concern for equilibrium of any kind, except personal gain by partitioning the valuable cake, then, frothing at the mouth in anticipation of a win on Nov. 6 General Elections.
Historically, Empire systems have divided many global territories for their personal interests, while causing destruction of peoples’ lands, roots and cultures! Today, those actions hunt us thru border aggressions, etc. Sadly, unless you know this geopolitical data, you cannot make the connections! Those in power make all possible, these accounts stay under the radar thru controlled media, never reporting on early international events that reshaped humanity not for the good! Thus, these significant events become detached more and more from each generation, which Empire systems love.
… Hey Californians, you do have a conscience…
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