By John Johnson

Situation Normal, All Fucked Upped, a saying of GIs from WWII

A very very brief history of the SNAFU US wars.

WWII was the greatest, most inhumane, most brutal exercise of mankind.

Somewhat during but afterwards the war from the GI level was depicted in literature, and movies. Though it was difficult for most GIs to talk about it for decades.

It was mainly left up to the Left and some International Press to bring up the reality of the Vietnam War. It took some time for at least some of the truth to leak through our corporate media.

What was learned from Vietnam was that future wars had to be waged by “professional” soldiers and be as secret as they could manage. From the late Seventies through the Eighties we waged these secret wars in Central America, (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatamala, Granada, and Chile), and with more stealth operations in other countries.

The first war in Iraq, waged by Bush senior (a former good friend of Saddam), was by tricking Hussein into invading Kuwait. Then the CIA promised the Shiites support if they rebel against Hussein. They did, we didn’t and they were slaughtered.

It seemed only the Left came out in the streets to protest US involvement in the war in Yugoslavia. No good sides there, but the Serbian population didn’t deserve the massive air bombings we gave them.

Clintons economic boycott of Iraq, after Senior Bush’s invasion. mainly hurt the children and citizens there.

It was Bush junior who wanted both a war to led him to glory and Chaney and the oil men who wanted the Iraq oil, and a supremacy in the area of the world. Thus the 10 year war began, 9/11 was just a handy excuse.

In Afghanistan, in 1979 the Soviet Union decided they had to defend their installed regime there. The US then armed the rebels, including the Taliban, which succeed and Russia withdrew in 1988. The Taliban then gave refuge to Al Queda, but after 9/11 under pressure, were willing to hand him over to a 3rd country. The US of course decided they had to invade instead.

A war President Obama is continuing seven years later. With the innovative use of “killer robots drones;” often launched from Nevada to a bleep on a satillite photo, without anyone knowing exactly who is being blown up, someone’s family?

It’s clear it doesn’t really matter who is President and what the real situations are, it’s the Military Industrial Complex, the National Security apparatuses and relevant corporations who decide what wars are to be waged and who is to suffer and die.

They of course make their massive profits out of the taxes, and the retirement funds of our working people, then they export most of our manufacturing and jobs to cheap and slave labor countries.

The Banks and Wall Street, who make nothing, manipulated world wide financial markets and home loan scams to rake in billions. Again out of the pockets of the worlds working people.

With our elections manipulated with the electronic voting scams and now with the unleashing of corporate funding of elections, and their control of most of the mass media, they seem to have a lock for future profit makings schemes.

Also one of their current scams is pitting one section of the population against another. Gays, immigrants, Moslems, etc.

It’s going to take a real massive organized attempt by most of us to combat these efforts. Its seem like a difficult thing to do, BUT not impossible.

Speaking of SNAFUs
In the last month I lost my new glasses, had to buy another pair (only $75). I broke one of my retainers, a back-up hard drive failed (guaranteed), my Dish Network receiver failed, (sort of guaranteed). I have an infestation of the Indian Grain moths. My Social Security got screwed up, (partially my fault over the years-I hate bureaucracies –i.e. .according to page 32A, Section 62, paragraph 6c, you did not submit form 7000 in a timely fashion , so you’re out of luck ). We are running low on funding but hey, we have friends and faith.

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