A email to Sixty Minutes, Monday August 2.

The Sunday August1 edition of Sixties Minutes sunk to a new low
The the blatant propaganda piece by Lara Logan and the CIA

Anyone with a brief understand of the history knows your CIA agent was just lying and trying to promote a continued war in the poor desperate country.

Before Bush invaded that country the Taliban offered to give Bin Laden up to a Third country but no, Bush wanted war.

We made alliances with war lords who were no better and worst in some ways than the Taliban.  We remembered the truck loads, 3000 or so of young Afghan men who were slaughter by our “allies”.

The continuing war is JUST piling up bodies of Afghan women, children, young men and US soldiers.  Then we will leave the ones that remain with the mess.

*Photo Credit: Flickr/Creative Commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/fibonacciblue/

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