A long-awaited root cause analysis report of the 2015 Aliso Canyon blowout was released.


The report by Blade Energy Partners and the California Public Utilities Commission highlights gross negligence by SoCalGas and failure to conduct basic inspections to determine the safety of a highly dangerous operation at Aliso Canyon.1


Because of their negligence thousands of families were sickened, relocated for months, saw school schedules disrupted and lost loved ones. Many still suffer the health effects today.


Call Governor Newsom at 855-971-2589 and urge him to shut down the dangerous Aliso Canyon facility immediately.


Gov. Newsom has the power to protect Californians from this dangerous facility.


Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti has called for Aliso Canyon to be shut down and not a single L.A. elected leader supports its continued operation.


It’s time for Gov. Newsom to follow through with his campaign promise.


Call him at at 855-971-2589 and urge him to shut down Aliso Canyon immediately.


No amount of regulation will keep this facility safe, especially in the face of the seismic risks and the ongoing daily leaks that make nearby residents very sick.


Call Gov. Newsom today. Here’s how:


  1. Dial 855-971-2589


  1. Select your language preference and dial 6 to be connected to a staff person


  1. A staff person should answer, tell them:


“Since Aliso Canyon has remained open there have been multiple failures, over ten leaks, spills and fires at the facility. After last week’s report that reveals gross negligence on behalf of SoCalGas, they can no longer be trusted to safely operate Aliso Canyon!


Please tell Gov. Newsom that we need an immediate shut down of Aliso Canyon to protect residents from further harm.”


Shutting down dangerous gas fields like Aliso Canyon goes hand-in-hand with banning fracking and stopping new oil wells from coming to our neighborhoods.


If we want to have a healthy future, we know we have to get California and the rest of the country off of fossil fuels completely.


Shutting down Aliso Canyon would be a huge step toward moving California off dirty fracked gas and onto 100% clean, renewable energy.

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