by Ray Jones
A vast assortment of old bones unearthed by paleontologists and anthropologists reveal species of animal like-human like beings that lived more than two million years ago. The oldest bones resemble primates (apes, monkeys) evolving in a consecutive sequence through time into the present humankind of today. The site where the earliest such species were found is in East Africa and they appear to be the predecessors of the African people and everyone else, and are evidence of the origin of humanity.
Other sites dated approximately a million years later show up in West Africa, then the Middle East, then Europe, then Asia and conclusively in North and South America and Pacific Islands: showing a gradual migration populating the various regions of earth.
There have been various attempts to categorize people into so-called “races” like Negroid (African, Melanesian, New Guinean), Mongolian (Asia, Siberia, Mongolia), Semitic (Babylonian, Arabian, Phoenician, Egyptian), or Caucasian (European, Scandinavian, French). However, a profusion of other categories and terms have accumulated in use, identifying cultural or ethnic divisions, like Oriental or Occidental, Moor, Saxon, Celtic, Cornish, Chinese, Aborigine, American Indian, Anglo, Jute, Norman, Latino, Goth, etc. The undeniable ability of any humans without regard to such definitions to produce offspring with other humans¬† also makes it difficult to discern categories.
The black, white, red and yellow categorization of races is false and unscientific. No one is black, white, red or yellow. Get a color chart from a paint store and compare it to the complexion of several people. It’s all shades and hues of reddish-brown.
The earth has a curved surface and different areas receive sunlight at various intensities and factors. Sunlight is at its highest steady intensity at the equator (where days and nights are always equal) and so evolution favors a protective darker complexion from melanin in people who live there over generations. Family anatomical features depend on the geographical location where ancestors resided for hundreds of thousands of years and their adaptations to environmental and climatic conditions. Thus in northern climate zones, evolution favored less melanin and lighter skin pigmentation, to absorb more of the benefits from shorter and less intense sunlight.
Personal qualities, merits, attributes like skill, attractiveness, talent, wealth, integrity, ability, education,
intelligence, ?nesse, vigor, or reputation differ among all humanity without regard to “race.”
Dixie Confederates, Ku Klux Klan, Zionist extremists, Neo-Nazis, Black separatists, boneheads, radical Islamic Jihadists, street gangs, and motorcycle clubs all engage in prejudice, stereotyping, bigotry, and other forms of hate and paranoia,such as anti-immigration, fascism, xenophobia, racial supremacy, anti-integration, separatism, or pro-slavery. They may promote animosity, hostility, malice, and persecution, vocalize hate, and commit crimes like murder, robbery, rape, assault, burglary, auto theft, arson, vandalism, and interpersonal violence. The Southern Poverty Law Center, for example, won a $2.5 million judgment against the Imperial Klans of America from 2008. Many civil rights cases have been won in the Federal courts. The worst problem is when racism finds its way into government. Then state violence and agents of the law may enforce and reinforce racism.
Diversity in cultures, cuisine, literature, commodities, innovation, music and art in reality enhance life and advance progress. As Blase Bonpane, Ph. D. says on his radio show, World Focus, (on KPFK 90.7 FM at 10:00 AM Sunday) ìThere is only one race, the human race.

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